ANZ School Ready®

Planning your child’s education? Find out how much the private school of your choice could cost now and into the future with ANZ School Ready®.

Our exclusive and insightful tool gives you fee information on private or Catholic schools in Australia. Then, with your free ANZ School Ready® Report, you’ll receive more detailed private school fee forecasts for each child and a savings plan.

We’re here to help so you can prepare for the cost of education no matter when your child is starting school.

Time to get school ready

Get your FREE ANZ School Ready® personalised report

Our personalised report provides a more detailed picture of what you could expect to pay for your child’s education and includes a savings plan. So you can start planning for their future today, your report includes:

  • Year by year fee information based on the private or Catholic schools you’ve selected for each child
  • A forecast of private school fees over time
  • Which years can cost you more and less
  • How much you need to save to cover your forecasted school fees
  • How we can help you towards your savings goal

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Now you know how much their education could cost, it’s time to get your finances ready. Here’s how we can help with your next steps.

If you don’t have the required savings and need to pay school fees, these options could help fund your payments.

Icon for ANZ Home Loan Redraw or Top-up

ANZ Home Loan Redraw or Top-Up

Get access to the money you need for school fees. You could apply to top up your current ANZ home loan, or redraw if you’re ahead on repayments.

Icon for ANZ Personal Loan

ANZ Personal Loan

With the ANZ Personal Loan you could borrow from $5,000 up to $50,000 to help cover the cost of school fees. You may also have the flexibility to pay it off early so you can save on interest.

Icon for ANZ Progress Saver

ANZ Progress Saver

Be rewarded when you start saving now for your child’s education. And with no monthly account service fee, every dollar can go towards your child’s future.

Icon for ANZ Advance Notice Term Deposit

ANZ Advance Notice Term Deposit2

An ANZ Advance Notice Term Deposit is a secure and easy way to invest your child’s education funds. Plus, you get the certainty of a fixed rate of return.

Icon for ANZ Financial Planning

ANZ Financial Planning

Learn how you can start building your family’s future today by talking to an ANZ Financial Planner. Tell us your school ready goal and we’ll create a personalised roadmap to help you get there.

Icon for ANZ Home Loan Offset

ANZ Home Loan Offset

An offset account is a transaction account that can be linked to your home or residential investment loan. It can reduce the interest payable on your home loan as you will only be charged interest on your home loan balance minus the amount in your linked offset account.

Icon for ANZ Life Insurance

ANZ Life Insurance3

Life is unpredictable, so it pays to help protect your child’s future education from the unexpected. ANZ Life Insurance allows you to choose an amount of cover up to the maximum cover amount to suit your important expenses like school fees.

Icon for ANZ Income Protection

ANZ Income Protection3

Your child’s education shouldn’t stop if your income does. If you can’t work due to serious illness or injury, with ANZ Income Protection you could receive regular payments to help cover everyday expenses like school fees and your mortgage repayments.

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